Synext Tablets: Helping to Improve Your Health

Synext Lite with NAD+ precursors

There are several cell functions that Synext tablets can help with, these cell functions are an important part of maintaining healthy energy levels, reducing the effects of aging, and improving your overall health. NAD+ precursors are required by your body to maintain optimum levels of NAD+, this is an important coenzyme required for optimum functioning of cells. NAMPT is a key-rate limiting enzyme found naturally in the body and is important for the healthy and effective recycling of NAD+.

What is Synext Lite?

Synext Lite can supplement your NAD+ precursors, providing the body with the required components for maintaining healthy NAD+ levels. It also acts on your body’s NAD pathways through multiple mechanisms, strengthening the key-rate limiting enzyme NAMPT which helps the body to recycle NAD+ and maintain higher levels of NAD+ naturally. Further, Synext Lite contains active ingredients as well as trace minerals and nutrients that assist the body to remove senescent cells and allow the body to replace these cells with new, healthy, and functional cells. It is clear then that Synext Lite provides many benefits that cannot be matched by other supplements that contain just a single NAD+ precursor and that only work to raise NAD+ levels temporarily.

What is Synext?

Synext Lite and Synext both share similar properties, but with key differences and different intended uses. Before discussing the major differences between the two it is relevant to understand the benefits and use of Synext.

Adenosine Monophosphate-Activated Protein Kinase (AMPK) plays a key role in mediating your body’s energy levels. AMPK levels can be increased in several ways, through intense exercise, intermittent fasting, and heavily restricted calorie intake. Alternatively, you can replace regular intense exercise and/or fasting and dieting by supplementing your bodies AMPK with Synext.

All three of the activities discussed provide the same benefits, initially resulting in decreased energy levels and then triggering increased energy and more efficient metabolic processes. Exercise rapidly depletes your body’s energy reserves, doing this regularly necessitates your cells becoming more efficient in their metabolism of nutrients into energy. Likewise, fasting and reduced calorie intake also deplete your energy levels and when done regularly will cause cells to become more efficient in their metabolic processing. In all three instances, after the initial period of increased energy consumption, your cells will first shift into survival mode and then onto more efficient AMPK pathways. Once your cells move to AMPK pathways they will become much more efficient in their production of and use of energy, resulting in increased daily energy levels. Biogency has developed Synext to provide similar results to those obtained through regular intense exercise, fasting, or strict dieting.

Healthy NAD+ levels are integral to a healthy and energetic life and the best way to boost your NAD+ levels if they have become depleted is to take Synext. NAD+ is critical to healthy and efficient cell metabolism which in turn results in improved energy levels. When your body has healthy NAD+ levels you will find that you sleep better, that you have more energy and that your energy will last through the entire day.

For correct and healthy bodily function our cells are continually growing, dividing and dying off to be replaced with new, healthy cells. Senescent cells are those which no longer function correctly and while no longer acting as a healthy cell, they also do not die off correctly and therefore the body can no longer replace them with healthy cells. Our immune system is normally responsible for the removal of senescent cells, thus allowing our body to return to normal function. However, as we age our immune systems become compromised and stop functioning as efficiently, as a result, our bodies lose their ability to naturally remove senescent cells. It’s widely believed that senescent cells play a major role in age-related health concerns such as heart disease and decreased muscle and bone density. If you want to increase the strength of your heart, protect your bones, and remove senescent cells, you need to use Synext.

Benefits of Synext

  1. A single dose of Synext provides the same benefits as one-hour of intense exercise.
  2. Synext contains Curcumin, Quercetin and CoQ10 and can be used to reduce inflammation, chronic pain, skin conditions, and arthritis.
  3. Synext can also be used to activate the longevity enzyme Sirtuin 1, this is achieved as Synext contains a large amount of Resveratrol in each dose.
  4. To get the same active ingredients, natural nutrients, and important minerals as contained in a single dose of Synext you would need to take over 50 different fruits, vegetables and spices.
  5. Synext helps to enhance glucose and insulin sensitivity, improve metabolism and increase AMPK levels in your body. It also provides beneficial calorie restriction properties that can help to lose weight.
  6. Synext helps to remove toxins and waste from your body.
  7. Synext contains ingredients that help to dilate blood vessels resulting in increased blood supply and cell oxygenation. This is particularly beneficial to skin health by helping to detox your skin, oxygenate skin cells, provide nutrients and improve skin complexion.
  8. Synext also contains Biotin, this is responsible for helping cells to convert many nutrients into usable energy.

How Synext Differs from Synext Lite

Synext was created with an emphasis on increasing NAD+ levels, particularly for those with insufficient levels.

Synext Lite is intended for those who already have healthy NAD+ levels and was developed to enhance NAD+ recycling in the body and maintain existing NAD+ levels.


Synext Lite maintains NAD+ recycling and should be taken by those who already have healthy NAD+ levels. Synext Lite should be started immediately after completing 3-6 months of regular Synext use.


Dosage: Take 1-2 tablets with food, 1-2 times daily.