An Ultimate Guide to Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) Precursors

Each one of us knows the childlike excitement of a birthday, it starts out strong as children and over the years it dissipates and starts to take on a bittersweet meaning. While it remains an exciting day for most of us with friends and family making us feel special, it is also a reminder of the unstoppable nature of the aging process. What if we could slow down the aging process? What if you could keep our memories sharp, our hearts strong and even regain the energy of our earlier years? What if we told you, it is possible!

Until recently it was not possible, but that has now changed. Thanks to recent scientific breakthroughs in understanding the aging process, coupled with advancements in pharmaceutical technology and processes, scientists can now not only slow the aging process but can even reverse or reduce many of its effects. One of the key developments that make this possible is a new understanding of the role that natural Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) levels play in the ageing process. Synext Lite capsules developed by Bogency are designed to harness this and other new developments to help reduce the effects of stress, keep your mind in good form and improve heart and muscle health.

What is NAD+?

NAD+ can is a molecule, or coenzyme, which is present in all the living cells. It plays a major role in energy production and metabolism and facilitates proper cell function. It is a necessary factor in allowing our mitochondria to do their job properly. Mitochondria refer to the power plants which convert oxygen and food into energy. The major problem is that NAD+ levels diminish throughout the aging process, meaning that your natural NAD+ levels decline more and more over time. This leads to underperforming or damaged mitochondria, as they no longer have enough of the proper enzymes available to function and this produces many age-related health issues.

NAD+ coenzymes work by allowing other enzymes, such as Sirtuins, to achieve maximum natural effect. Sirtuins are a class of NAD+ consuming proteins that act on biological pathways, switch certain genes on and off, and help to slow down the aging process. For example, NAD+ directly enhances SIRT1 activity which is required for the formation of new mitochondria. By allowing for the efficient and maximal creation of new mitochondria NAD+ helps SIRT1 to increase energy levels and increase life span.

NAD+ is also highly beneficial for SIRT6, this enzyme regulates the length of telomeres, the end caps of DNA. This is important because throughout the aging process telomeres begin to malfunction which can lead to mutated DNA or DNA strands without telomeres that can unravel. By taking Synext Lite you can increase your NAD+ levels which will directly benefit SIRT6 function, helping to prevent age-related DNA breakdown and mutations.

What is the best Biogency Product for NAD+ precurors?

Synext Lite uses NAD+ precursors as an active ingredient, as discussed, NAD+ precursors are important to allow the body to maintain healthy levels of NAD+. Synext Lite also contains compounds to assist the body to clear out senescent cells, maintaining a natural and healthy rate of cell replacement and regeneration which senescent cells impede.

In addition, Synext Lite contains compounds that the body can activate to enhance the strength of the key rate-limiting enzyme, NAMPT. A regular course of Synext Lite assists in increasing the conversion and recycling of NAD+ in the body over time, after this period NAMPT will be able to naturally maintain healthy NAD+ levels long term. In this way, Synext Lite produces many additional benefits compared to products with single NAD+ precursors which result in only temporary increases in NAD+ levels.

Benefits of Synext Lite

  1. Helps to increase NAD+ levels to heathy levels using NAD+ precursors.
  2. Strengthens NAMPT activity to assist the body’s natural NAD+ recycling, maintaining healthy NAD+ levels long term.
  3. By continuous removal of NAD+ metabolic wastes, Synext Lite effectiveness can be increased. can raise the effectiveness.

Differences Between How Synext and Synext Lite Affect NAD+?

Here are some of the most common differences between Synext Lite and Synext.

Here is how Synext  and Synext Lite differ in form and function.


Synext is primarily formulated to increase depleted NAD+ levels back to a healthy range.

  1. Primarily focused on providing NAD+ precursors
  2. And increasing the body’s conversion of NAD+ precursors into usable NAD+.

Synext Lite

Synext Lite was developed with an emphasis on increasing NAD+ recycling in the body to maintain levels long term.

  1. Contains NAD+ precursors to assist body in creating new NAD+ as necessary.
  2. Sustained enhancement of NAMPT to facilitate natural recycling of NAD+.

If NAD+ levels are depleted, it is recommended to commence with a course of Synext and then transition to Synext Lite. If NAD+ levels are already present in a healthy range Synext Lite can easily maintain NAD+ levels long term to prevent age-related decreases in NAD+ levels.

How to Boost NAD+ Levels Naturally?

The below-listed points explain how to increase NAD+ levels in the body naturally.


Fasting has been demonstrated to naturally increase NAD+ levels and slow down the aging process.

Reduced Calorie Intake

Significant reduction in calorie intake can also assist in increasing NAD+ levels.


Exercise is one of the most effective ways to naturally raise NAD+ levels. Regular intense exercise increases mitochondria production which improves the efficiency of cell metabolism. Increases in the number of mitochondria is directly linked to natural increases in NAD+ levels.

All three methods discussed rely on increasing the body’s need for more efficient energy production which is facilitated by increased mitochondria production and improved mitochondria efficiency.