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The next generation of Syneregen – Synext tablets supplement nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) precursors which can be metabolised into NAD+ after administration. NAD+ is essential to cell metabolism and energy generation, involving in over 400 reactions in body. NAD+ precursors may help maintain healthy NAD+ levels during aging.

According to the latest research, our body produces senescent cells which cease to grow or divide and our immune system remove these cells. During aging, our immune system becomes compromised and cannot clear the senescent cells effectively. As a result, they may accumulate and cause aging-related health issues, especially problems with heart and bones. Synext has included new combination of ingredients which support heart function and protect bones.

Combining with other potent antioxidants, Synext tablets synergistically combat against the aging process and reduce free radicals formed in body.


Synext tablets contain ingredients which can help protecting blood vessels and promotes muscular cell growth and regeneration, and thus maintaining cardiovascular health.


Synext tablets contain ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties which can relief symptoms of mild arthritis and mild osteoarthritis.


Synext tablets provides bioactive substances which may help lessen the signs of aging, improving skin quality, reducing wrinkles and microrelief lines, and enhancing skin smoothness.

After taking Synext, especially with empty stomach, you may experience an itchy, tingling, hot and red flush on the skin (flushing). This flushing reaction is harmless and beneficial to the skin. Do not mistake it for an allergic reaction.

The flushing will gradually fade away. Between 5 to 20 minutes any irritation or redness will disappear as if nothing happened. Drinking water will also help to reduce the redness.

Taking the product with or immediately after meals may reduce flushing. We recommend taking this medication with meals to lessen the chance of flushing.

Your body will gradually tolerate to this effect. Both the chance and degree of the flushing reaction will be reduced after taking this product for a period of time.

Active Ingredients

NAD+ precursors, reynoutria japonica, magnesium oxide, leucine, quercetin, ubidecarenone, curcuma longa, B-group vitamins, etc.