If I am taking Syneregen, will I need to change dosage when taking Synext?

For customers took 3 tablets of Syneregen per day, it can be reduced to 2 tablets of Synext per day. And for customers took 2 tablets Syneregen, it can be reduced to 1 tablet of Synext per day.

What is new in second generation Synext comparing to the first generation Syneregen?

  • Increasing the dosage of NAD+ precursors by 36%, supplementing extra NAD+ in each tablet. Enhanced formula to increase the convert rate of NAD+.
  • Adding new synergistic ingredients including CoQ10, curcumin and Vitamin B group.
  • Smaller design of the bottle for convenience.

Any side effect?

After taking Synext, especially with empty stomach, you may experience an itchy, tingling, hot and red flush on the skin (flushing). It is call “Niacin flush”. This flushing reaction is harmless and beneficial to the skin. Do not mistake it for an allergic reaction.

The flushing will gradually fade away. Between 5 to 20 minutes any irritation or redness will disappear as if nothing happened. Drinking water will also help to reduce the redness.

Taking the product with or immediately after meals may reduce flushing. We recommend taking this medication with meals to lessen the chance of flushing.

Your body will gradually tolerate to this effect. Both the chance and degree of the flushing reaction will be reduced after taking this product for a period of time.

Any precaution?

Not recommended for use by pregnant and lactating women.
Not suitable for children.

Do NOT take this product if:
You are allergic to any of the ingredients in this product.
You have severe liver disease.
You have stomach ulcer.
You are under chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment.

Do NOT take this product while warfarin therapy without medical advice.