The Science of Aging

Ageing is a constant in life. It happens to everyone and everything; a feature every living thing on the planet must experience.

Yet we don’t all age the same, and ageing today is not what it used to be just two decades ago. Not only do we have a much better understanding of how ageing works, but there is also an abundance of products that can effectively slow down the ageing process.

Understanding the science of ageing, our scientific team developed one such product – Synext. To understand how Synext works and how it can help improve the quality of your life, we must first take a deeper look into the science of ageing, paying special focus to two key aspects; epigenetics and the immune system.


Epigenetics is the study of the ageing process of genes and how this affects the body in general. It involves the examination and understanding of the processes the body undergoes at the gene level, with a particular focus on the methylation of cytosines. This methylation process is what determines the volume of proteins produced by the genes. Since proteins are the building blocks of the body, understanding the process that creates them can be of great help in the race to conquer the ageing process.

While the science of epigenetics is a complex one, the underlying rule is that fewer proteins being generated means a weaker system and reduced body functionality. This reduction in the amount of proteins generated by the body is what scientists call epigenetic ageing.

However, since not only the methylation process affects ageing, but things like poor lifestyle choices like bad diet and lack of exercise can also significantly affect the ageing process, your epigenetic age (also called your biological age) can vary significantly from your actual age. If you eat poorly or do little to no exercise, you can accelerate the ageing process, resulting in your epigenetic age being significantly higher than your actual age.

Thankfully, epigenetic ageing can be reversed. With the knowledge of epigenetics, we have developed a new Synext that has been specially formulated for and shows positive results. Utilising this new Synext formula with better diets, a healthier lifestyle, and the right supplements can help you enjoy a significant improvement in your overall health and vitality.

The Immune System

Along with epigenetics, the immune system is an important aspect of ageing.

Throughout our lives, the body continually generates new cells and discards old ones. This is an important process in how we grow and how our bodies repair damage. The production of these cells can often produce cells which cannot grow or divide. These cells are called Senescent cells, and when they accumulate in the body, they can cause age-related issues, particularly with the heart and bones, weakening them over time.

A healthy immune system can help naturally remove these cells, thereby reducing the occurrence of these age-related issues. As we age, however, our immune systems begin to weaken and lose efficiency, leading to the immune system getting overwhelmed by the senescent cells and failing to remove them as they should. This in turn leads to an increase in the build-up of these cells, and by extension, an increase in age-related issues.

Latest evidences show that with pomegranate extracts, urolithin A, ellagic acid, selenomethionine, and zinc glycinate, these essential nutrients and vitamins not only invigorate your immune system, thereby improving their efficiency against these cells but also help improve heart health and strengthen your bones, reducing the ageing-related issues caused by these cells.

Conclusion The more we study the science of ageing, the better understanding we have about this natural process, what factors influence it, and most importantly, how to reverse its effects. With this advanced knowledge, we have been able to create the new and improved Synext formula to help improve the quality of your life so that you can enjoy more of life.