Improve Your Health with Synext Tablets

Synext tablets contain NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide+) precursors like nicotinic acid. There are many benefits to taking Synext, the most significant are:


NAD+ is sometimes overlooked within the supplement community, though awareness is rapidly growing. Traditionally the supplements that have gotten the most attention have been protein supplements, multi-vitamins and amino acids.

What Is The Need For NAD+

The coenzyme NAD+ can be regarded as a helper molecule. Each molecule picks up a hydrogen ion that is charged with an extra electron and in doing so transforms into NADH. This NADH travels to the membrane of mitochondria where the hydrogen ion is ejected and the cell can use it. Through this process, chemical nutrients from food are converted to energy that can be used by your cells for processes such as thinking and moving. After the Hydrogen ion is delivered to the cell the body will attempt to recycle NADH back into NAD+ so it can be used by the body to transfer more ions to the cells. Unfortunately, the efficiency of this recycling process declines with age leading to decreasing NAD+ levels which impacts all NAD+ dependent processes.

It is the mitochondria of the cell that relies on this NAD+ process to create energy. Mitochondria are responsible for creating the energy needed for the cell to function. At the microscopic level, the mitochondria use energy to carry out necessary cell activities to maintain homeostasis and initiate the repair process whenever there is any stress or damage. Therefore, dysfunction of the mitochondria can lead to negative side effects; this is especially true in cases of brain damage due to age-related factors. According to studies conducted on mice, researchers believe that oxidative stress and improper mitochondrial function may lead to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disorders.

As discussed, medical science has demonstrated that NAD+ is extremely important to proper biological function. The conversion of food (fat, protein and carbohydrates) into energy can only happen with the help of NAD (through the NAD+ → NADH → NAD+ process). NADH is also required to maintain the body’s blood glucose level at night and generate ketones. NADH is re-oxidised back into NAD+ during this process as well as when adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is made from ingested fuel i.e. food. NAD+ is important to healthy biological function in other ways too, a few of the most notable additional roles of NAD+ that researches supported are:

  • NAD+ is responsible for activating Sirtuin enzymes, which use NAD+ as their fuel. Sirtuins are broad-spectrum enzymes that can improve metabolic functioning, protect neurological systems, sustain muscular functions, stimulate autophagy and reduce inflammation.
  • NAD+ facilitates the function of PARP1 which is another critical enzyme. The main function of PARP1 is to repair our DNA. Our DNA is constantly damaged by stresses including reactive oxygen species, inflammatory factors, chemicals, UV, etc. Many health concerns are caused or exacerbated by errors when your body’s copy our DNA into new cells. High NAD+ levels mean strong PARP1 activity, resulting in fewer mistakes in our DNA and a reduction of future health risks.
  • NAD+ is also important to daily metabolic processes too. For instance, NAD+ is critical to the body’s processing of alcohol. The body processes ethanol through the metabolic process of dehydrogenases. Overconsumption of alcohol with reference to NAD+ levels robs NAD+ from other biological processes. The depletion of available NAD+ due to alcohol is the main cause of the collection of symptoms commonly associated with hangovers.

The reason that a supplement like Synext is so important is that no matter what or how much you eat, it will have no effect if your cells are unable to release the energy. NAD+ levels decrease with age and as they decrease cell function suffers as well as the other dependent biochemical processes, such as those discussed.

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