Piliant, the Start of Your Hair Recovery Journey

An Introduction

If you have searched for the best treatments for hair loss online you will have come across numerous products that all claim to reverse hair loss. Of course, not everything you read online is true and you can be sure that many products are promising more than they can deliver. However, there are quality products available that are based on real science and Piliant is one such product. No, it’s not magic, it uses real science to create a balanced mix of essential vitamins and minerals with proven effectiveness in treating hair loss. Piliant works because it contains NAD+ precursors, vitamins A, B5, B7 and C as well as iron, magnesium, silicon and zinc which are all necessary for healthy hair.

Why Piliant Is the Right Treatment for You

Piliant is a carefully formulated and well-rounded hair loss supplement that is designed to fight hair loss from several fronts. There are 4 main types of hair loss and Piliant is designed to assist with the first 3 being seborrheic alopecia, resting alopecia and round baldness. This is primarily done through the combined action of the constituent essential nutrients.

In addition to the essential nutrients discussed, Piliant also provides antioxidants from Ginkgo Biloba and Gotu Kola which fortifies hair against external damage. The multi-spectrum protection offered by Piliant is completed with the inclusion of Biota Orientalis, a naturally occurring herbal remedy used to promote hair growth. With its diverse range of complementary and co-acting ingredients, you can be confident of Piliant’s efficacy for treating hair loss.

Broad Spectrum Hair Health With Piliant

Piliant contains a broad range of highly beneficial ingredients including Psidium Sylvestre, Centella Asiatica and Ginkgo biloba, it is specifically formulated to protect the scalp from both exogenous (external to the body) and endogenous (internal to the body) sources of damage. 

External damage includes hard water, UV rays, dust and dirt, and salon and hairstyling products. Endogenous damage can be caused by oxidative free radicals within the body, a dysfunctional or overactive immune system, various other inflammations, and androgens (a class of naturally occurring hormones). Seborrhoeic alopecia is primarily caused by an androgen imbalance while round baldness is typically the result of a hyperactive immune system. In any case, Piliant can be used to treat both of these conditions as well as resting alopecia.

Are You Ready to Use Piliant?

NAD+ is essential for maintaining cellular health, enhancing metabolic processes, and preventing age-related disorders in the nervous system. Unfortunately, NAD+ levels naturally decline with age, resulting in diminished NAD+-related functions, such as diminished energy, weight gain, and muscle health. However, it has been demonstrated that supplementation with NAD+ precursors restores NAD+ levels in the body to healthy levels, thereby reducing and reversing many of the health problems associated with depleted NAD+ levels. Piliant not only contains the essential nutrients to reduce hair loss and improve hair health, but it also contains NAD+ precursors. Therefore, Piliant Tablets for hair are a must-buy!