3 Steps to Total Hair Recovery with Piliant

When beginning any health improvement journey it is important to know what to expect. While many supplement providers advertise products as completely effective or side effect free, the reality is rarely this straightforward. Just as after visiting the gym your muscles may become sore as a result of your progress, when using any supplement or medication to treat a health condition, the path to improvement will often include various sensations and side effects. This blog will address the various sensations, side effects and outcomes that you can expect when taking Piliant.

During Piliant Use The Following 3 Stages of Effects will be Experienced:

Phase 1. Nutrient Loading

Time: First Week of Use

During the first week of use, there will be minimal visible improvement in hair loss, the hairline or hair health. During this period the body is still adapting to the new supplements and the essential ingredients are being absorbed by the body back to healthy levels.

Phase 2. Internal and Cellular Benefits

Time: Week 2 to week 3

After the first week of use, the body will have substantially regained healthy balances of the constituent supplements contained in Piliant and will be using these nutrients to improve health. As the body’s levels of nutrients increase the circulatory system and other biological processes will begin to distribute nutrients to the cells where they are needed. Some people may begin to see or feel minor changes such as the improvement of scalp health and strengthening of hair and nails near the base where new cells have started forming.

Phase 3. Improved Hair Health, Reduction of Hair Loss and Increased Hair Growth

Time: 1 month to 4 months of use

Between the first and fourth month of use is the first time that any visible benefits will be witnessed, however, duration may vary based on the user. During this time thin and soft regrowth may be witnessed on the crown of the head and along the hairline (for those with receding hairlines or pattern baldness). The strength and health of hair should also visibly improve during this time, it is important to note that light-coloured hair may become darker during Piliant use. Once hair regrowth is consolidated, shortly after this time hair growth should become much faster in both length and volume.

Being Fully Informed

A key sign of any quality product is the manufacturer’s willingness to tell you what they cannot help you with. While many hair loss products will claim to help everyone or work instantly, Biogency wishes to set realistic expectations for users of Piliant.

Here are three important facts related to Piliant use that all consumers should be aware of:

  1. First, there are many causes of hair loss and no supplement can help them all and some causes are irreversible and permanent. Piliant is formulated to help prevent and in some cases, reverse, seborrheic alopecia, reclining alopecia, and round baldness. These are usually caused by damaging androgens, stress and nutritional deficiencies, and immune system imbalance respectively. While Piliant may help with hair loss caused by other factors, Piliant’s effectiveness cannot be guaranteed.
  2. Piliant has been developed with care to try and prevent hair growth anywhere but the scalp. This has been done by choosing ingredients that do not act on the krt37 gene, this is the gene responsible for hair growth on the face and body. While care has been taken, if a user believes they are experiencing undesired body or facial hair growth during Piliant use they should cease use and consult a hair loss specialist.
  3. Piliant is a supplement formulated to create physiological effects on the body. As a result, when taking Piliant users may experience various sensations and reactions. It is ordinary and expected to experience a rapid onset of skin irritation, a hot sensation or an itchy scalp when taking Piliant. This is symptomatic of the rapid increase of blood flow to the scalp and activation of hair follicles, including the reactivation of dormant follicles in some cases. 

Proceed with Confidence

After reading this blog you will have noticed the difference between Biogency and some other supplement providers. Where others make monumental promises that seem too good to be true, we simply provide you with the facts. You might wonder why we are so different, the reason is that we value you and your health and we have complete confidence in the quality of our product.

Our purpose is to help you live your best life. This means we want you to be fully informed and completely aware of what to expect so that you can make the best choice for your health. And the best choice that you can make for your hair health is Piliant.