Piliant’s Top 5 Essential Nutrients for Hair Growth

Vitamin B7 and silicon in Piliant tablets for hair growth stimulate the synthesis of keratin in the hair follicle. Piliant tablets also contain Vitamin A in Hair Regrowth which stimulates sebum production in the scalp to moisturise and maintain hair health. In addition, Radix Rehmannia Root extract and vitamin C protect the hair from external damage. Silicon and other B vitamins, along with the minerals iron and zinc found in Hairspray, are essential for hair growth.

An Introduction to Piliant

Many people believe that alopecia is a permanent or untreatable condition caused by genetics, but this is not the case. Hair thinning due to alopecia can also be caused by medication, stress, dietary imbalance, salon treatments, hair products, or other seemingly unrelated health conditions.

Fortunately, it is possible to treat alopecia in most instances. Piliant is formulated to improve hair follicle health by increasing blood flow to the scalp, replenishing hair nutrients required for keratin production, and mitigating damage caused by both internal and external factors.

This blog will walk you through the top 5 essential nutrients that are contained in Piliant tablets. It explains each of these nutrients and their roles in recovering hair damage, increasing coverage, and maintaining overall hair health.

The 5 Essential Nutrients for Hair Health

Here are the five essential nutrients contained in Piliant and everything you need to know about them.

1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a key component of Piliant. The purpose of including vitamin A in the formulation is that it has been shown to stimulate sebum production in the scalp which naturally hydrates the scalp and helps to retain hair. Hair loss can be caused by dandruff which is made worse by a dry scalp, so good sebum production is crucial to long-term hair health. In addition, the benefits of sebum production are assisted by the presence of Radix Rehmannia Root extract which nourishes and strengthens hair.

2. Vitamin B

In addition to vitamin A which fights hair loss by maintaining scalp health, Piliant also contains vitamin B in several forms to help prevent hair loss and thinning. Biotin (vitamin B7) and vitamin B5 work together to deliver a powerful 1-2 punch that nourishes hair follicles and fosters hair health. In addition to promoting hair growth, the presence of vitamins B5 and B7 also promotes nail growth which can be beneficial for those with weak fingernails. The reason that biotin is so important to hair retention is that it is used by the body for cell growth and insufficient levels of it lead to hair loss, and in severe cases loss of eyelashes and eyebrows can also occur.

3. Vitamin C

The third vital nutrient used in Piliant is vitamin C. For hair health vitamin C’s main advantage is aiding the body’s iron absorption, iron is used by your body to carry oxygen in your blood. Increased iron absorption is therefore important to overall health, but for hair health, the goal is to increase oxygen being carried to the scalp and hair follicles. In addition to aiding iron absorption, vitamin C also increases collagen production which has the added benefit of helping to reduce wrinkles.

4. Iron

One of the main reasons that Piliant includes vitamin C for iron absorption is that it also contains supplemental iron. Increased iron levels in the blood allow the blood to carry more oxygen leading to better oxygenation of body tissue. This oxygenation improves cell health and performance and is important for maintaining the health of your scalp and delivering all the nutrients that hair follicles need for keratin production and general hair health.

5. Zinc

The final of the 5 essential nutrients for hair health contained in Piliant is zinc. Zinc is critical for skin, fingernail, and hair health as well as having many other benefits to the body. Insufficient zinc can lead to many ailments, including poor DNA synthesis in new cells, slow healing, and reduced immune system function. For those considering Piliant, it is important to understand that one of the 4 main causes of alopecia is related to improper immune function. While it is known that zinc deficiency can be a cause of hair loss, there is limited research about the effectiveness of dietary zinc supplements in reducing hair loss or aiding hair growth.

The Clear Choice for Hair Growth!

Most people are aware that poor nutrition can cause or contribute to hair loss, though few probably understand the reason for this. Poor dietary nutrition leads to the body having an imbalance of crucial vitamins and minerals, which results in insufficient levels of the important nutrients that cells require to function properly. This includes hair follicles, as they become depleted of important nutrients their ability to create new, healthy hair strands becomes compromised and over time this can lead to a complete cessation of follicle function and loss of hair.

Fortunately, dietary supplements can help prevent this from occurring and in some cases can be used to effectively treat and reverse these symptoms leading to improved hair growth and even reversal of hair loss. Despite the effectiveness of supplements and the widespread availability of vitamin supplements, not all supplements are created equal. In addition, a cupboard full of vitamins and minerals can be confusing to navigate, expensive to stock, and difficult to know which nutrients are the best to improve your hair health. Therefore, it is important to be informed about the products you use as well as how and why they work. Choosing Piliant to prevent or treat hair loss and improve hair growth and health is the smart choice. With Piliant by your side, you can be confident in positive outcomes and visible results.