Our soil is deteriorating in quality, which is why supplementary vitamins are so important for your health

If you eat properly, with quality, natural food, then you will provide your body with all the nutrients and vitamins it needs to maintain good health. That is the theory, and for many years it was absolutely true. Sometimes medical conditions, pregnancy, or some lifestyle choices could still lead to certain deficiencies, with health supplements the perfect remedy, but in general, eat the right things and you should be fine.

However, things are changing, and science is revealing just how much. Due to the over-farming of the soil and extreme uses of chemical fertilizers in the last half-century, there has been a change in the level of minerals within the soil that our food grows in. In fact, if you compare soil today with that just 100 years ago, it has lost around 70% of the mineral concentration it used to have. That means that the food we grow has much less nutrient content than it used to.

Why does that matter for health?

With fewer nutrients in the food we consume, our bodies are not getting the same amount of fuel for the immune system and other functions, and this matters. Linus Pauling, a Nobel Prize-winning biochemist, stated that almost all diseases can be traced back to a deficiency in nutrients in the body.

By not getting enough minerals, vitamins, and other essentials, we are more prone to illnesses of all kinds, and that can be compounded as we age and have additional health issues to take care of. Even eating the recommended quantities of healthy food can leave the body without enough of the nutrients it needs, but if this applies to all our food, what can we do to compensate? While there are techniques that need to be implemented, right now health supplements can ensure that your body receives all the nutrients, vitamins, and other compounds it needs, even if your food is not providing them. Synext is a great option that provides a range of different compounds that food could be missing, boosts blood capillary health, reduces inflammation, and helps maintain overall wellness.


Another area that can be an issue as we get older is that we can suffer calcium deficiency as the body becomes less efficient at absorbing it, and as we have discussed, food contains less of it. Benefits is a dedicated health supplement that helps the body absorb calcium, supporting bone mass and density for increased strength, and reduces inflammation too, which in turn can ease mild aches and pains from joints that are another symptom of aging.

In addition to the various health supplements that can help with the kind of nutrient deficiency issues deteriorating soil can cause, there are broader strategies that the farming industry can adopt to reverse the trend and rejuvenate the soil.

Biodynamic farming

Long term, the answer is biodynamic farming. Like organic farming, this approach avoids the use of chemical fertilizers that strip the soil of nutrients, but unlike organic solutions, which are still depleting the soil, Biodynamic farming also gives areas of soil time to rejuvenate, avoiding over-farming.

However, adopting biodynamic farming strategies is costly, and only offers a long-term solution. It must be the approach going forward, otherwise our soil, and with it, our food, will continue to deteriorate but is not an answer for the nutrient deficit we are struggling with today.

The importance of health supplements

That is why health supplements are so important for our health today. In a world where our food just is not providing the required nutrients due to that soil deterioration, health supplements allow us to ensure that we give our bodies everything they need. This, in turn, helps maintain essential functions like the immune system, maintaining the health we need.

health supplements synext

By using our range of quality health supplements such as Multi-B or Synext, you can ensure your body receives the nutrients and vitamins it needs despite these soil problems. Take them every day and have confidence in your health.

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