How to Choose the Best Skincare Supplement for Radiant Skin

There is an ever-increasing number of skin care products on the market, from oral supplements to creams so it is more important than ever for consumers to be informed. Some products are healthier than others, some are proven while others make unsubstantiated claims and more importantly, they all can have different effects depending on your skin type and other genetic and dietary factors. Particularly when referring to oral supplements, different tablets are formulated for different skin types so choosing the best tablet for you means you first need to understand your own skin. It is also important to be knowledgeable about the common active ingredients used in skin care supplements and their effect on the body.

This blog will address some important considerations when choosing the best supplement for your skin:

Understand the Listed Ingredients:

Besides the active ingredients, there are often other additives and preservatives in supplements that can cause allergic reactions or skin irritation. In particular, preservatives and scents are common causes of negative reactions. If you experience a negative side effect from a particular supplement it is important to stop use immediately and if necessary seek medical attention. Also, if you have known allergies to particular ingredients or preservatives, you should avoid any product that contains them.

Even when taking these precautions you should begin using any new products with care as some product manufacturers do not provide comprehensive ingredient lists and others may use deceptive or inaccurate language on their product labels. However, fully reading the label is a good place to start and as you learn more about labelling practices it becomes easier to identify what supplements or treatments are likely to cause reactions.

Look for Indicators of a Quality Product:

As important as it is to know what to avoid, it’s also valuable to know what ingredients to expect in reliable, high-quality products with demonstrable positive effects. Two ingredients that you should expect to see on high quality supplements are vitamin C and Biotin.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and immune booster that assists with repairing damaged tissue. It can help you too look younger and strengthen the skin’s natural cell defenses by fighting free radicals and repairing the damage caused by exposure to UV radiation.

Not all forms of vitamin C are created equal, some forms of vitamin C are acidic and cause gastrointestinal irritation. Biogency products deliver vitamin C in the form of Calcium Ascortbate which neutralizes the acidity of vitamin C, reducing potential for irritation and making it more stable and easier for the body to absorb.

  • Biotin

Biotin is a water-soluble form of vitamin B and is a common ingredient in oral supplements. Biotin was once referred to as vitamin H before it was recognised as being a form of vitamin B, some brands and supplements may still refer to it as vitamin H, so it is important to understand that it is the same compound regardless of the name used.

Biotin is used in skincare supplements due to its many positive effects, it fortifies the skin, reduces excess oil production and maintains the skins natural moisture retention. It also improves the health and function of the skins oil glands, helping to maintain an even complexion and improve skin clarity.

Watch Out for Harmful Chemicals:

There are many harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, including parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, lead and mercury. Due to a lack of research, the side effects that the residual trace of these chemicals could have on your skin are unknown. In addition, many products contain chemicals that are known to increase the risk of cancer. Some of these chemicals are a result of the manufacturing process, while others are included as compounds designed to increase uptake or absorption of the main ingredients. The best thing to do is to check any ingredient list against a credible list of approved chemicals to ensure the product is safe for use. Further, even where all ingredients are considered safe, if you have previously experienced reactions to any of the compounds present you should avoid using the product.

Know Your Skin Type:

Your skin type is dynamic and ever-changing, it is probably not the same as it was a few years ago and in future it will likely change again. Things that can affect your skin include your hormones, diet and nutrition, stress levels, climate and pollution and more. For instance, even if you live in a temperate climate with moderate humidity, if you work in an air condition office your skin will likely become dry and require regular moisturising to maintain optimum health and appearance. This means that whenever your work or living arrangements change, you should pay extra attention to your skin health. Even when you do not change any lifestyle factors, you should still pay attention to your skin health and if you notice a change in your skin type then your skin care regimen should change accordingly.


Biogency understands that your health matters and that the needs of each person is different. We seek to help every one of our customers to live their best life, this means that you can rely on us to provide the best information we can to help you to find skincare products that you can trust. In addition to making sure that you are educated and informed to make the best decision you can, Biogency has skin care products designed to address the wide range of skin types and skin conditions, so we have a product for everyone. Our promise to you is to do our best to provide you with a positive experience and products that you can depend on. Find a Biogency product that is right for you and experience the difference for yourself today.