Synext Lite is a new formula that contains ingredients to supplement NAD+ precursors and remove senescent cells.

Its active compounds act to strengthen the key rate-limiting enzyme, NAMPT, in the NAD+ recycling pathway by multiple mechanisms.

The activation of NAMPT can sustain healthy NAD+ levels by significantly enhancing the conversion and recycling of NAD+ in the body, therefore producing greater benefits than products with a single NAD+ precursor, which can only temporarily raise NAD+ levels.

When taking Synext Lite, especially on an empty stomach, some users may experience an itchy, tingling, or hot feeling accompanied by red flushes on the skin (flushing). This is a normal and harmless reaction, also called “Niacin flush” and it is beneficial to the skin. This should not be mistaken as an allergic reaction.

Any flushing or irritation will dissipate naturally after 5 to 20 minutes. Drinking water will help to reduce the effects of flushing or irritation faster.

To reduce instances of side effects we recommend taking this medication with or immediately after meals.

Your body’s tolerance for the side effects of Synext Lite will increase over time. After the period of conditioning, instances of flushing or irritation should reduce substantially.


Niacin and nicotinamide are two forms of Vitamin B3. They are essential factors in the biochemical reaction in energy production which help our body convert food into energy.


Coenzyme Q10 (Ubidecarenone) is an antioxidant that your body produces naturally. Research has shown that CoQ10 supports cardiovascular functions and helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.


Quercetin is a natural polyphenol found in many fruits and vegetables. Quercetin is able to support the health of blood capillary functions to improve our blood circulation.


Curcuminoids are a group of bioactive natural compounds from turmeric. They can relieve inflammation in our bodies.

Synext Lite Improvements

1. New delivery system to assist the release of active ingredients, and allow them to achieve the optimal levels in the body, thus producing maximum positive effects.

2. Optimised formula to sustain healthy NAD+ levels in the body.

3. Enhanced effectiveness at continuously clearing NAD+ metabolic wastes.

4. New formula allowing for smaller, easier-to-swallow tablets while maintaining active ingredient dose.

Difference between Synext Lite and Synext

Synext focuses on raising NAD+ rapidly, with less emphasis on enhancing NAD+ recycling in the body.

Synext Lite focuses on boosting the NAD+ recycling in the body in order to sustain healthy NAD+ levels.

Synext Lite is appropriate for maintaining NAD+ levels when NAD+ levels in the body are already in a healthy range.