Post Holiday Detox – Getting Yourself Back on Track after the Party is Over

Celebrating the holidays is one of the best parts of any year, but after that excess it’s time to get back on track with your fitness and wellbeing. Detoxifying your body is a great starting point for that, giving your body a fresh start for the new year. It’s a renewal in many senses, and the good news is that you can do that without resorting to chemicals or other harmful substances. Instead, take a more natural approach with these simple options.

Liquids are your friend

The first thing you can do to detox yourself is focus on what you drink. Herbal or green tea is excellent for this, with antioxidant properties helping to remove the harmful residue of your holiday celebrations throughout the body. Water on its own is important too, drink as much as you can throughout the day, it is a natural cleanser that helps with everything you are doing.
Some people find fresh lemon juice the perfect morning pick-me-up, and it has beneficial properties in your detox too. Try it hot to kickstart your body if it’s a cold day.

Fighting the Cravings

Aside from the effects of rich food and alcohol, the other thing you may need to deal with is cravings. After you indulge yourself a little, you may find that you want more of those things, even though you know they are bad for you long term. The trick is to keep yourself feeling full, so a protein rich diet is excellent. Egg whites, omelette, rice are all good choices. If you find this difficult, look for zero fat protein supplements to help, they can make all the difference. Both shakes and bars can be useful in getting the right nutrients into your body.
Plenty of fruit and vegetables are essential too. Fibre-rich, they cleanser the body of toxins, so make sure you eat plenty of cauliflower, radishes, broccoli, oranges and green leaf salad, these not only cleanse the system, but the fibre prevents bloating and other problems that some experience during detox.

A Little Helping Hand

To boost your diet and kickstart your metabolism, the all-natural Biogency supplements can be the perfect helping hand for your detox efforts. Not only are they a great way to boost your intake of essential vitamins and minerals, but they aid digestion and help you maintain the energy for everything you want to do.
Synext is a great choice for this, not only boosting energy but relieving inflammation that can be a problem if you have overdone your holiday celebrations a little, while ingredients such as Reynoutria japonica, Quercetin, Punica granatum and Curcuma support your general digestive health, helping you achieve that detox more effectively.

Stay Active

While the right diet and plenty of liquids fuel the detox, exercise is an essential element too. Getting the body working hard really does help, but if you are struggling to get motivated for the gym, try going for a walk, some yoga at home or even a bicycle ride to get the heartrate up a little.

Take a Nap

This is one situation where bring a bit lazy can be a good thing. Get plenty of sleep, it not only clears the mind, but it is during sleep that the body flushes out the toxins. Get plenty of sleep, and take an afternoon nap if you get chance, it really is for your own good.


With these simple things in place, you will quickly detox and get back to the healthy you. Don’t read this and think you shouldn’t celebrate though, a little indulgence during the holidays is not harmful, and as long as you take the time to detox, it won’t affect your health long term.

So don’t forget, go out and have fun!